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27 Items Stolen From Africa By Britain

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⁣Secretary Blinken meets with Democratic Republic of the Congo President Félix Tshisekedi in Washington, D.C., on December 13, 2022, I have questions about the way this meeting starts with the Congo president saying we have minerals from the start - is this the best way to start a ⁣negotiation..

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Ibrahim Traore - The New Thomas Sankara & The Man Saving Africa's Natural Resources - In the annals of Burkina Faso's history, a new figure has emerged in the form of Ibrahim Traoré, drawing comparisons to the iconic revolutionary leader, Thomas Sankara. Ibrahim Traoré, a once relatively obscure and low-ranking officer in Burkina Faso's military, has swiftly risen to the center of the nation's political stage. In September 2022, Traoré and a group of soldiers successfully executed a coup, overthrowing President Paul-Henri Damiba, and the aftermath of their audacious move is marked by jubilant crowds welcoming Traoré as the self-declared leader.
With an aura of charisma and an agenda that echoes Sankara's ideals of progress and social justice, Traore has been hailed by some as the new torchbearer of Burkina Faso's aspirations. However, the parallels drawn between the two figures also raise questions about the potential impact of Traore's rule on the nation's political landscape and whether he can truly emulate the legacy of the indomitable Thomas Sankara.
During his conversation with Radio France International, Ibrahim Traoré confidently declared that his time in power would be transitory, as a National Conference was on the horizon to appoint a new interim leader before the year's end. Demonstrating his dedication to a smooth transition of power, he emphasized his commitment to honoring an agreement made with West Africa's Regional bloc, which aims to restore civilian rule in Burkina Faso by 2024. Despite these pledges, the future trajectory of the nation remains shrouded in uncertainty, leaving many questioning what lies ahead for Burkina Faso in this crucial period of transition.

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⁣PAUL KAGAME RECENT SPEECH AT THE UNITED NATIONS. Powerful speech direct and to the point.

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⁣Yeezy tells Adidas he is free don't need your money!